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Jesse Garant Metrology Center simplifies the inspection process for complex assemblies by providing a single location for CT & X-Ray imaging services for a range of inspection requirements

We are the nondestructive testing company manufacturers trust to ensure their assemblies meet strict tolerances and quality standards. Whether this concerns internal defects, inner functionality, or intricate measurements, we provide critical data for a range of applications using the latest inspection technology.

Our NDT lab is equipped with a full suite of advanced imaging equipment that accommodates inspection during all stages of manufacturing, from design to quality control. We’re equipped with the greatest diversity of industrial computed tomography systems in North America, including a high-energy CT system for rapid inspection of assemblies up to 44.5” in diameter by 63” in height. We also have a range of industrial x-ray and 3D scanning systems for even more options.

With diverse imaging systems, we handle testing of simple and complex assemblies made from a range of materials, from advanced polymers and composites to high strength metal alloys. These include multi-material molded assemblies, welded assemblies, 3D printed assemblies, and manufactured assemblies commonly found in various industries, including medical, aerospace, oil and gas, automotive, and defense. We also conduct inspection of advanced spot welding with assemblies made from traditional or new light weighting manufacturing processes.

Assembly Inspection: 4 Methods for Ensuring Quality:

Pre-production Inspection

Our industrial CT scanning services provide precise internal inspection of first run assemblies, ensuring consistency and conformity with original designs. We help reduce risks so manufacturers get to production faster and avoid issues later on. For satisfying First Article Inspection (FAI) requirements for assemblies, industrial CT is highly useful for validating dimensions and fit and function of complex assemblies.

Production Inspection

Production inspection with industrial CT can confirm the proper function of critical assemblies for must-run applications. Testing is conducted at specified intervals to identify defects, verify dimensions, and validate manufacturing processes to ensure optimal production before assemblies reach their destination. CT is also available for 100% inspection of high value, limited run assemblies during production.

Part Sorting

For rapid inspection of suspect assembly lots, our industrial x-ray services can take out the guesswork during quarantine and recall situations. Our inspection process is traceable and repeatable, isolating suspect assemblies while reintroducing “passed” assemblies back into production. For high value assemblies, industrial CT is another option for sorting and lot inspection.

Failure Investigation

Welded or molded assemblies are prone to internal defects as a result of the fusion process, resulting in warping due to heat and pressure. Industrial computed tomography is highly suitable for identifying these internal defects without destructive testing. CT identifies and models a range of defects like misalignments, porosities, voids, inconsistent wall thicknesses, and other weld defects.

Our Part Inspection Services

Industrial CT Scanning Services – NDT Inspection Lab

3D Internal

Industrial CT Scanning

Internal part inspection and validation in 3D without destructive testing.


Industrial X-Ray & Radiography Services – NDT Inspection Lab

2D Internal

Industrial X-Ray

Quick 2D internal part inspection in an easy to interpret digital format.